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The group interactions were good as it was great to get other opinions but also to help with up coming assignments. Getting other perspectives also helped to think of action steps to implement the great ideas of each module. |I accomplished 3 out of 4 of my win-win goals. My L.E.A.N goal has seen some great improvements to the appearance of the showroom, showroom signage and tidier work stations. Where my goals around increased product knowledge and showroom KPIS will take some time to see measurable results. The showroom manager KPI’s will be a great benefit to my team so my next action step is to publish these goals to my team. The product knowledge sessions are still running but to continue with up skilling my team I will look at holding a monthly meeting and assign each member with a product to present back to the team about features and benefits to increase there up selling ability. My DC rate target is still unfortunately sitting below target and found that because of customer satisfaction and not being able to control what packing slips weren’t following protocols I was unable to meet my first target. My goal still has a target to reach 60 by the end of the year so I will meet with management to look at how this can be enforced and controlled more

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