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Most enjoyable aspects during the course was defiantly the second half regarding more about Account Manager as this is my role. The first half was okay, didn’t fully enjoy it as it does not relate to my job much. Yes we can go out and find prospects but our role is Key Account Manager and we maintain the Customers and relationships that we already have.|Starting the course i was part time in sales and the other half i was still in customer service department. This course has helped me get the full time sales rep job. I got the full time role in Feb this year (2016). I never imagined myself in sales or as a rep and to be honest i am loving it! I wouldn’t be here today without my companies support and belief in me. My CPD VIC team is amazing and defiantly have learnt a lot off them. Also interacting with everyone in the sales edge course has been a great help too. |I have completed basically all my win-win goals placed by my Mentor and LMA course coach, except “Facing Objections”. Objections are not always a bad thing. To be honest they are pretty good. I just haven’t had too many objections to be able to tick this goal off and will be an ongoing win-win goal for myself in the company.

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