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My successes covered personal development as well as tangible activities through the course project.|From doing this course I have improved my soft skills and am much more confident in my ability to manage my team and handle difficult situations. I have been able to clarify what my HPA’s are and improve my productivity through effective delegation, which in turn has then lead to growth for my team members. |I have seen significant cultural change in my department with a higher level of engagement of my team members. |Understanding the value of company vision, mission and goal statements lead to the successful completion of this exercise for our small company. This document is now the foundation for all company activities – how we present ourselves, how we hire and our expectations of ourselves and partners.|The course project was an opportunity to make a difference to how we do things. We set up a new B2B website which now provides many resources for our customers, Salesforce and staff. It also provided savings through reduced print costs associated with paper catalogues that are now housed on the website instead as e-catalogues.||To get the most from this training course requires you to engage and apply what you learn in the workplace. The course is constructed in such a way that it is delivered in a measured and self exploratory way, so what you take out of it is meaningful and real. At the conclusion of this course I believe that I am a much better leader as a result of all that I have learnt and how I have been able to apply that knowledge.

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