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THINK PERFORM VIC TPE Angelo Pantazopoulos

The course as whole was very enjoyable and definitely something i will be recommending to others to participate in. I was able to put into practice things i already knew about, improve on current processes and implement new tools which i learnt from doing the course. ||The facilitator was very engaging and always ensured that the participants were engaged. He gave everyone the opportunity to input their ideas and was always open to their thoughts. ||As stated in my final workshop during my presentation. I was able to achieve 4 out of my 6 win win goals which i identified at the start of the course. I have put a time frame to have the 2 outstanding goals completed by the time the Christmas break comes around. ||Having my Manager/ Company put me forward to participate in this program we were able to create my own Job Description as my role is spread over three departments. As i was on a 6 month contract, we were able to identify my HPA’s and what we require to do to ensure i was successful in what i was brought in to do. I had organized a 3 month review to get an understanding on how i am tracking and what we can put in place to ensure i meet everyone’s expectation. ||The outcome from having this 3 month review is that we identified that my contract will change from a contract to permanent work from March 2016. This is definitely the highlight of my win/ win agreements as i was able to obtain long term employment and was able to be successful in my role with the new tools i was able to put into practice. Identifying my HPA’s allowed me to prioritize my time and work towards my most important tasks. ||Personally it has reiterated to me the importance of setting SMART goals and how much more achievable your goals are when they are written down with action steps. I definitely get more satisfaction when i put a line through a goal which i have achieved.

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