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Introduce Us! LMA McSweeney


We hope you enjoyed your recent learning experience with LMA. 

Leadership Management Australia is a business built on introductions from past participants, mentors and industry leaders. We have seen over 120,000 people through our various programs, many of whom have come to us directly from introductions. Introductions from people like yourself who have just experienced success by journeying with LMA. .

Each graduating cohort from  LMA  signifies an empowered group of people who are more aware of their potential, more confident in their daily purpose, and more capable of taking on all the challenges that life can throw.

We are now encouraging you to share the knowledge  you have gained from your LMA experience and pay it forward to someone else in your community, workplace or industry.

Who do you know who could benefit from

  • Improved Communication?
  • Increased Sales?
  • A more Productive Team?
  • Stronger Time Management?
  • Strengthened Leadership Skills?
  • Better Understanding of HPAs?

Let us know their details below and we will contact them to guide them toward the development path that is right for them.

We are on a mission to improve the leadership in all organisations across Australia, by helping to develop their people to achieve exceptional results both personally and professionally. 

For introducing  us to your contacts, you will also receive a special gift from us for sharing the love of personal and professional development. For every person you introduce us to who signs up for an LMA course, we will give you 3 free Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI) assessments for your team. The PPI specifically measure’s an individual’s motivational intensity and behaviours related to productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork, problem solving and adapting to change. To find out more about the PPI click here.

We look forward to meeting your contacts and introducing them to the potential they can reach with LMA.

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