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The Performance Edge

AUSTRALIA - Statement of Attainment towards Certificate IV in Leadership & Management BSB40520
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Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors

AUSTRALIA - Certificate III in Business BSB30120
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Challenge of Leadership

AUSTRALIA - Certificate IV in Leadership & Management BSB40520
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The Sales Edge

AUSTRALIA - Certificate III in Business to Business Sales SIR30316
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High Performance Management

AUSTRALIA - Diploma of Leadership & Management BSB50420
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Exceptional Customer Service

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Workplace Leadership Essentials

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“LMA has a unique methodology for personal and organisational leadership that delivers transformational outcomes and long-term benefit. The opportunity to be part of the ongoing change cycle that ripples through our community is an energising and fulfilling experience.”

LMA’s leadership, productivity, sales, teamwork, management, performance and professional development courses deliver benefits for participants and their organisations:

-Permanent change in attitudes and behaviours

-Measurable results and outcomes

-Identifiable return on investment

-Consistent professional delivery throughout Australia

-All leadership, training and development courses are facilitated by experienced industry professionals

-Lead more competently and confidently

-We agree on goals and identifiable ROI with you before the course commences

-Half way through the course, results are reviewed

– If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return our resource material, withdraw your participant and we will refund 100% of your money

At LMA, we don’t train people – we develop them through our unique development process – and there’s a massive difference.

Untitled-2Leadership Management Australia (LMA – TKM Group) has been at the forefront of people development for over four decades. We’ve had a long history of creating trends, not following them. We do things differently.

Our methods work. They’ve been tried, tested and proven for 40 years. In fact, more than 87% of clients who use us for the first time will use us again.

All courses are in Queensland and include an Overview Workshop, Graduation Session and a Refocus Workshop approximately 60 days following Graduation. In-house programming requests will be structured to client requirements.

Tim Marsh
Leadership Management Australia – TKM Group
M: 0431 424 769 E: tmarsh@lma.biz

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