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LMA launches Effective Team Development course

Over 40 years of experience in developing people has equipped Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) with a great understanding of what it takes to become a high performance team. A large number of our clients from both large and small organisations have highlighted that the development of effective teamwork continues to be a focus.

In 2015, LMA commissioned the survey Teams and Teamwork in 2015 to find out exactly how team members, team managers and leaders feel about teamwork in the modern workplace.

The survey results highlight the vast difference between leader perceptions and team member experiences within the workplace and clearly illustrates there is a great deal of work to be done to enable better teamwork and ensure teams are able to perform to their potential. Further findings from the survey are reported in this article.

This week, LMA launched the Effective Team Development course – an intensive team development course for the whole team, including their managers, which has been developed to address the challenges that affect so many organisations – the challenges of developing a high performance team.

The Effective Team Development course assists forward thinking teams to develop more of the unfulfilled potential of both the individual members and the group as a whole. Teams participating in the Effective Team Development course will achieve greater results than the combined efforts of their best individual team members.

To find out more about the course and to enrol online, visit the Effective Team Development course page or contact us.