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Course: LMR
Name: Chris Van Kooten

Time savings and feel more in control of activities. Not enough time to achieve goals but making good progress.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Grant Lightbody

Delegation skills are now very good. Before this course I tried to carry out every task and I had new staff not moving and learning. Now I delegate to the team members and they are now showing growth. No longer do I return home after a day at work exhausted. I delegate without guilt. Communication skills have improved and I see us as a team. I have learnt what motivates team members and can now use this knowledge to lift and guide team members. I am now very aware of my HPAs and what is important in my daily tasks, this is where my delegation skills are very useful. LMA has been very good for me, I wish that when I was first was employed as a senior process tech that I had been given the chance to complete this course. LMA has changed the way I think in all aspects of my life, I now have focus goals with start points and end points. I now give feedback and have found this a good way to empower team members, this in turns helps me achieve my goals. I now know which team members receive feedback well and I use this tool to motivate them. LMA is a well run professional course. The knowledge that I have gained will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have only been given positive comments on my FBOL work. My supervisor has said that there has been a positive change in me since I started this course. My team members have also seen a positive change. I can see team members who would benefit from this course. I will really miss my meetings with other course members and will really miss the bubbly positive reactions from Tracy. WELL DONE LMA THANK YOU.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Jeny Collins

Personal growth; confidence to lead from within. The tools given in this course to use in everyday work days and at home were fantastic and have become a regular way of functioning for me every day. I successfully plan my 24/7 life. My life is far more planned generally. I believe I have always been an organised person but I know I have failed to utilise my so called spare time. Setting goals and achieving them in the written form has backed up my acknowledgement that I do set and achieve goals. Win Win goals set are ongoing achievements. Some personal goals have been achieved and more have been set as have work goals set around my performance day to day.

Course: TPE
Name: Guangwei Du

In my opinion, this course offers many goodies which we can and use in daily life straight away. By applying what we learned, we enjoy the benefits immediately. Personally, by setting focus goal every week, I learnt to play the cucurbit flute (a musical instrument played by minorities in southwest of China). This was a personal dream I had ten years ago, but only fulfilled after I took this course.