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Course: TPE
Name: Dave Berry

The direction for planning and planning tools, for: goals, time management and meeting planners. This has helped to focus on specific tasks, and are useful planning tools for future projects and goals.

Course: TPE
Name: Ushmendra Singh

This course was not only about achieving the goals of our sponsor (employers) to empower us but it took on a Total Person Concept looking at all aspects of our lives. The wheel of life clearly highlighted to me that I did not have a work/life balance. I am more active in other areas of my life now. By setting and writing down goals, I was able to achieve them in a timely manner. For me the greatest tangible benefit came from the various skills and tools taught to improve time management. I am able to achieve more within the same time.

Course: TPE
Name: Hadley Cave

The course enabled me to take a good look at the way I carry out my work, set goals and manage my time. I picked up a number of skills which enabled me to increase my productivity quite substantially. Setting regular written goals was probably the key learning for me and using this methodology I was able to achieve a number of useful goals in my work place.