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Course: COL
Name: Patrick Stewart

Exposure to modern management ideas and methodology. As my position is about to change with the advent of new structure, the information within this course is about to be put into practice. Paramount is the achievement of the workplace project which netted $150K for my company. Methods for personal organization and an insight into the human psyche given various scenarios that regularly occur within the workplace,

Course: COL
Name: Sam Hennessy

The interaction with other participants at the fortnightly workshops was excellent. It provided a great forum to discuss the course material with people from different walks of life, often generating interesting debates.

Course: HPM
Name: Terry Rout

It has provided me with skills and techniques in engagement and communication that I was previously not aware of. I believe it has lifted my ability from middle management level to senior management and provided my with the development I need to take the next steps in my career.

Course: HPM
Name: Gordon Hall

During this course, as well as enabling me and giving me the tools to start evaluating my people and the organisation, I was encouraged to look inwardly also. In this process, I discovered some aspects of my skill set and management style that have allowed me to take a step back and start with some essential repairs. Thanks to all at LMA for helping me in this significant step in my career path. Great training provider, excellent tools and more importantly, superb people. I will remember the lessons learned for a long time.

Course: LMR
Name: Johanna Ferris

I have completed 2 of my win / win goals as well as some personal goals also. I have benefited greatly from this course at all levels – I am even passing the CD’s and some of my notes around to help my supervisors is some areas they have requested help with – involving their team members.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Martyn Butler

Great participants, good atmosphere, very good Facilitator, good amenities. I have achieved all the goals set, both personal and work related. the main achievement has made a better team leader, and given me a better team, who are now beginning to set their goals, and achieve better KPI’s.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Gilbert Hewett

The most enjoyable aspects of the course: Meeting people in similar situations and bouncing ideas off of each other with our findings in the course, it helped promote the tangibility and the practicality of the theories learnt throughout the course. Measurable Results: Becoming a more efficient, organised and structured leader. Through helpful time planning (time management), keeping a journal/diary and devices like the important/imperative card, I was able to scope and define what needed to be done and what I really should be focusing on when attempting my daily progressions in the work place. Goals Accomplished: Small wins throughout the factory, but with our ever changing system understanding the mechanics of the workplace was the most beneficial thing. Personally I’ve become a lot more goal oriented which has helped me in my personal life when I endeavour to do the things I love and see myself doing. In the workplace I’ve become a better communicator with my peers and have found it much easier to relay information and where I was going wrong previously. There’s still so many areas to improve and it’s all about thinking positively with continuous improvement in mind.

Course: TPE
Name: Jo Courtice

This course was a real eye opener for me. It has given me excellent new skills which I use daily. It has assisted me greatly in time management, effective communication, team relationships and I am so much more productive and organised. It has also given me an understanding from management point of view and assisted in enabling effective communication to all levels of management. The course came at a very busy time for me, as I was filling in another positon at work and my personal life was also very busy. However, by using the tools and focus goals from this course, I was able to keep a level head, whereas before I would have been very stressed. I appreciate my company sending me on this course, and it’s unfortunate due to redundancy they are not going to reap the benefits of my new skills. I liked that you had to do assignments and listen to the CD’s and discuss in class. This method has helped the transition of apply the skills on a daily basis. I was very fortunate to have a great group of classmates and team facilitator. I would recommend this course to other people.