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Course: TPE
Name: Jukka Vainio

The course was fun, relaxed and enjoyable and this made it conducive to learning – credit to Lars. The Total Person Concept was one of the most important aspects of the course and the importance of having a balance in all areas of life. Achieved most of my Win-Win goals. Overall it was a fulfilling journey and experience.

Course: TPE
Name: Steven Dale

The course I found to be very informative and give me better understanding about the intricate details of my current job and business sense. Lars was a great teacher who made everyone feel comfortable in the workshops. I learned that I need to really focus on my HPI’s in the business for me to generate revenue for the company . Also , I thought I was getting things done efficiently , however the course gave me back ways to look into my job to get more improvement through my job role.

Course: TPE
Name: Michael Reincastle

The course was great and Lars was fantastic , made everyone feel comfortable and did not push you ,very relaxed and approachable which made attending this course very enjoyable and fun. Lars you are a true Gentleman …. Total person concept for me was one of the important modules as you really do need a balance in life especially when you have a young family the other was focus goals and the plan for my HPA s , it was great to sharpen up what I thought I was already doing fine but it just shows how you can always improve .