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Course: COL
Name: Grant Bielski

I have really enjoyed the team that I have completed the course with because it is so diverse. I have also enjoyed being able to share my experiences and learnings from the course with my peers in the Office and apply a number of these to my Franchisee network territory.

Course: COL
Name: Scott Jensen

The biggest success for me in this course has been the growth in my own confidence. Since commencing this course I have enrolled to complete a university post grad course. If it wasn’t for LMA I would have never had the confidence to enrol in such a course. The measurable results are my increased efficiency at work and my time management skills from the use of focus goals. The big goal was to gain confidence in my own ability. The major achievement and benefit to my team was the training I have provided them via the workplace projects.

Course: LMR
Name: Mario Sandrini

I met some “bloody great ” people in this course especially when the VFF case study was introduced to the course. I think we were a great group and I would like to remain in contact with this group of people . .My career progression is now underway and I am looking forward to the challenge of upskilling the Calstores business.