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Course: COL
Name: Karl Doohan

I accomplished a lot of my goals I set for myself though I still have some goals that want be finished for a while though have set small goals within them to break them down. LMA has helped me achieve things I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve by breaking down everything and by having small classes in which we can all interact with each other.

Course: COL
Name: Teresa Lombardo

It’s great that you are committed to the different learning styles and try to accommodate for them. I am not a reader hence loved and used the audio information you provided. During the course I found myself on a journey of self discovery, this assisted me to find my strengths and the tools to improve on my weaknesses. I have been given the opportunity to advance in my career with added responsibilities which I have enjoyed. This was one of my goals. I have always said your business is only as good as your staff, however until now I did not realise just how important and true the statement was. I have learnt the best thing is to invest in your team both personally and professionally.

Course: COL
Name: Dayna Sadler

One of the biggest achievements I’ve made from doing this course, I believe is the better recycling system here at the Canada Bay Club. Although the system has only changed slightly the amount of money saved by recycling the aluminium cans and plastic bottles is amazing. Also the goal setting has helped me to become more goal focused and made me realise I can set out to do things one step at a time.

Course: LMR
Name: Daniel Scardinale

the discussions in class were the key for me. The insight and ideas formulated by others in the room gave me new ideas and insights into how to solve/resolve problems. It was fascinating at times to be part of a group with different views, positions and industry and how we could incorporate our problems and relate on different levels