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Course: COL
Name: Geoff Gleeson

The most enjoyable part of the course was being able to talk openly about things affecting me in the workplace. We have not had a mix over spill since changing the process to straps instead of ropes, Copper remixes have dropped significantly after changing the process. I have been mentoring 4 supervisor, step up supervisors through an LMA course.

Course: COL
Name: Manjit Singh Lally

very useful material provided

Course: COL
Name: Adam Ingold

I have been promoted to Packaging maintenance shift supervisor I think because of this course which helped me handle change better and manage my own work and life.

Course: COL
Name: Isaac Cromack

Learning about why setting Goals are important to achieving results. The course explained many valuable tools to use in everyday management such as communication , safety , documenting all issues , continuous improvement in moving forward and staying ahead of competitors. To be successful the value in Team work is important and sharing information with all relevant personal. The project was “Manual Handling”. In 2012 the Cellar had Manual Handling injuries at 20%.This year 2013 we have a significant decrease in Manual Handling injuries and recorded at 0.5%.There were no Hose Carrying related injuries and 2 minor Lacerations due to no gloves being worn which is compulsory. All my WIN-WIN goals were achieved with the benefits both for work and home.I had a job change after the 1/2 way mark in the course. In the training role I was able to create Identification cards for cellar hands which enabled each persons area of expertise to be used in areas of requirement. Staff were placed in areas so as to give training in machines they were unfamiliar with giving them a head start for Vintage. Spreadsheets were created to show who has been trained in which machine/area. The course has helped me any many ways such as focusing on what is important in my role,

Course: COL
Name: Richard Beaumont

The most enjoyable aspects of the coarse was being able to have a break from the normal work cycle, and mostly having and receiving good direction and support from our course coach as a team. Thanks Bruce for all your support and direction over the duration of the coarse.

Course: COL
Name: Ben Dickie

The biggest highlight for me was being able to coach and mentor a young staff member and following the LMA Process when giving responsibility and clear direction. I was amazed at the benefit and the results that are produced when following this procedure and step this was really highlighted when the staff member took on and resolved issues through his own initiative and this was purely from the added responsibility and ownership from given to the individual

Course: LMR
Name: Apisai Loaloadravu

Haven’t killed anyone because the course helped with how to tolerate people by asking the right questions and that different people learn in different ways

Course: LMR
Name: Ryan Spencer

I found the majority of the course very enjoyable. I’ve seen great success within my department since starting the course. Using regular 1 on 1’s,listening and communicating with my staff has helped to improve morale, jobs are getting done more efficient and some of my staff members have actually freed up valuable time by implementing small changes to the way we work.

Course: LMR
Name: Matthew Cirillo

Being able to delegate more organizing hap achieving win win goal and looking forward to making more an d every tool has proved very useful

Course: LMR
Name: David Brookes

Mainly to look at what time I spend on HPA’s. I have made a huge improvement and this should benefit the business. Gives my confidence to say no when been dragged away from HPA activities.

Course: LMR
Name: Nichole Clarke

It has been an incredibly step learning curve for me, as leading a team of people is not something that I have ever undertaken before. I enjoyed this course immensely – the content and tools will be vitally important for me as I continue to learn and develop in my role. I’m looking forward to the next phase of the journey with my team as we undertake a session with LMA on ‘How We Communicate’ in the coming week!

Course: LMR
Name: William Wood

Overall the course was great, as it gave an insight into other members of the company who are all in similar situation at different levels. Identification of my personal HPA’s and confirming that the correct direction and time management was being taken. Achieving a good shutdown which allowed also the gathering of data for future use to facilitate better planning. Commencing a training program to better the performance of team, department and company overall.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Aaron Webb

Workshops were good. Gained measurable results in time spent on HPAs, have used a lot of the tools provided with success in my role.