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Course: COL
Name: Warren Beale

This course made an “old dog” take a good look at himself and decide that he could learn some new tricks. My communication with colleagues, my self organisation and the ability to see other people’s points of view were greatly enhanced. The course taught us about firstly managing ourselves and then how to manage others in a team environment to get the best productivity and efficiency from all involved. The goal setting practices flowed through to all aspects of my job and made me stop procrastinating over difficult and even menial tasks. Getting back into the habit of study and writing assignments after so long was at first was difficult, but became easier as the course went on. It is not like school where you have to learn things by rote, you are asked to read and listen to the modules and adapt what best suits your requirements. It was about self examination and improvement. We were encouraged to make changes to current systems in the workplace and I can honestly say that we made plenty and the great majority were for the better. In deciding on change brought the team together on an equal footing to discuss, dissect and implement change and formed a unity amongst the team members. The handouts and forms at the end of each module will be used for years to come. The case studies at each workshop allowed you to work as a group with fellow students and incorporate thoughts and ideas from a vast cross section of industries. I am sure the company has recouped their investment in this training many , many times over and I have grown significantly as an person and a professional.

Course: COL
Name: Lucas McIver

The most enjoyable was achieving all these goals that I would have never introduced to my work or life experience All these goals have improved my way of live and opened my eyes to better opportunities at work, finding better ways to relate with people and take that extra step to stand out and get to no people. I came into this course extremely shy and quiet, friends and colleges have mentioned I am a lot sterner and speak up when I’m not happy or have something to contribute, the confidence you build from just achieving goals and assessment’s through this course and how its supported is dynamic! Ensuring the whole development is involved with your day to day life or work makes it hard but very rewarding once it all comes together. My goals in improving procedures and systems in my warehouse has improved more than my goals or actions expected with the full support of my team I am confident in stating we are the most organised and efficient, we measure with feedback from clients and tracking our movements and performance with these new practices, there has been a lot of change but we accomplished our goals at the end and am always revisiting these for improvement.

Course: TSE
Name: Troy Barker

The course was a challenge to fit into everyday work environment , I needed to set aside time to do the assignments which created another goal of blocking time. The environment of the workshops was great Carlos is very entertaining and put terms into easy to understand wording for the simple bearing Rep. I achieved my 3 original goals 1/ Was to increase my customer buying base – this was achieved by constant calling and offering the CBC Service 2/ Was to take more industry/supplier experts with me on a regular basis which in turn showed another side to CBC that customers were not aware of. We just did not sell we had the technical back up also. 3/ Have a better planning schedule to meet my required call KPI’s , This was achieved by having a 4 week call planner that covered all required customers with contacts and phone numbers this then allowed to have a better structure to see every customer at least once a month , some customers have now become a every 2nd month call – low priority. I am now more confident to walk away from a enquiry if the terms are not suitable to be better prepared for stalls with my box of closing strategies , I know how to read a buyer and work out what type of a buyer he is Driver, Expressive, Amiable, Analytical. I have increased my sales and account coverage , I know work out if it is worth the time or can be reprioritised. Is it important or imperative. I looked forward to the workshops as it gave me a chance to ask informed questions of other representatives of there company’s on how they would handle a particular client/customer I was struggling with and there advice was successful on occasions in obtaining order or appointment.

Course: TSE
Name: Kurt Nowotny

For me I have always had trouble taking in things when listening at course to reading a text book, however listening to CDs was a blessing although I didn’t take everything in, it was a lot easier to absorb information. Interacting with others in similar situations to yourself and there comments went along way. Making every call count, I can honestly every call has a purpose even the drive by and wave customers, I pick out a product in our specials and I put that into place. a little bit of prep and a deep breath hoes along way Preparation – still not totally there but I can identify why with templates put in place through course. Goal setting – took me a while but I have set spreadsheets which outline strategies to attack new and inactive customers, taking this from the course makes thing clearer and the objection is easier to see and find.