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Course: TPE
Name: Pauline Lancaster

My noticeable success was a technique to eliminate interruptions in my office. a note on the closed door left me quality blocks of time to do HPAS of phone calls. I have a tidy gene now and have reprogrammed my handbag, my car , my fridge and my office to be ordered. My techniques for face to face questioning have improved to allow for greater listening and more empathy with lots of open ended questions. and less cluttered I am learning to dust myself off and recover more quickly after a disappointment (failed listing ) and get into upping the ante to increase my chances of success next time. I have gained the courage to speak to office leaders and management about issues of trust, unfairness, or training. I would like to offer more suggestions for impacting on overall office performance and procedures without fear of reaction or retribution. loved the personality type session which inspired me to offer to take an office meeting around the subject. I hope to instigate a mentor/buddy system into the house as new salespeople come to join us.