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Course: COL
Name: Simon Cassar

At the start of February 2013, I was given the opportunity to be in charge of a construction crew that had no respect for their current CPL and were pretty good at not getting the job done. The CPL was also a person that would hold a grudge, causing even more conflict. Initially it was a very hard battle, but with a constant can do attitude and encouragement of their buy, in the crews are now a major key to my success as a leader and their team as whole. We conduct regular de-brief meetings with a formal agenda and time for non formal conversations. Feed back logs are kept and an agreement made that they shall not be used for other levels of management to complete performance reviews unless a severe breach has occurred. Re-visit the high performance wheel on a regular basis. (quarterly) Feed back is encouraged be it positive or negative. We are moving forward as a High Performance Team with all the correct ground work place. We are a can do team with all members having a positive influence on all projects.