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Course: LMR
Name: Wendy Pearce

I enjoyed the group as a whole – they were very friendly. Sometimes I felt as though some of the modules were going around and around in circles but now realise they are all interacted and merge together. I have learnt how important it is to listen and ask for feedback as people tend to hear the same conversation differently – like Chinese Whispers. This was very evident this week with a project we had to do and were shown but everyone did it differently which created more work as this had to be fixed. Moral of the story – have people repeat the instructions to you or have some training instructions.

Course: LMR
Name: Dylan Hunt

I really enjoyed the course and found real quantifiable value in setting Win Win Goals and HPA’s.

Course: LMR
Name: Hugh Blake-Manson

The course enabled me to take time out to consider elements of my work and home life that I could not during the race-track like works days. I have shared and applied some key areas including time management to staff struggling with “overload” so they may prioritise.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Shaun Hearnden

the most useful lesson learned for me is that if you keep doing the job for them (the Team) then you will get nothing accomplished build and spend time encouraging the team and the results seem top be more positive. for me the ability to learn about what drives my bosses and what I can do to make things run more smoothly for all in the team. My goals that I have achieved have been simple but effective and I believe with one I am working more closely and productively with Paul Cooper. With all that I have learned on this journey I believe will put me in a better position to move forward in the future with confidence knowing that I can make a difference and as a team success is just around the corner.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Kevin Huddlestone

The classroom task were enjoyable. The toolbox meetings and use of diary. Team meetings.

Course: TPE
Name: Peter Farmer

I feel that I have really learnt a lot from the time analysis area it was really beneficial to see it on a time line, my day unfold and how I was spending time on my HPA’s this helped me to put more focused in the areas of high need and achieve a more desirable outcome in the process.

Course: TPE
Name: Ben Lay

The LMA course has been a great framework to use in the workplace. It has become a useful tool for me and my staff as it has help identify the strengths and weaknesses of our work place. The staff have become a lot more proactive instead of reactive and now work more cohesively as a team. The course has also been a great way for me to look at my personal life and ‘take home’ some of the same principles in organizing my time management and setting myself small steps to achieving my focus goals. I will continue to develop and re-evaluate the goals that I have achieve in this course.

Course: TPE
Name: Greg Keegan

The most powerful results for me were the gains in communication and to a slightly lesser extent in time management. The info has allowed me to free up time to concentrate on more important outcomes and to achieve them easier.

Course: TPE
Name: Kath Irving

I enjoyed the interaction at the workshops with the other trainees. We were all so different but with so many similarities… The measurable results were the fact that I set myself tasks to do that I managed to achieve, such as reading “Contracts”, I think I grew in self confidence becoming freer in expressing my thought and ideas to people I wasn’t familiar with. I gained the knowledge and use of some very useful tools , like the Imperative / Important lists and the meeting guidelines