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Course: HPM
Name: Christopher de Wind

Basically, I would have to say that there is quite a bit of things that I’ve taken from this course. Things that I’ve taken for granted in the past and the way I would go about my daily activities. This course has help me conduct my duties in a more effective manner whilst developing my people. Since goals was as well key to this course, goal setting, action steps and measurements was well taken on and is being constantly applied within our daily business activities. Change project has the potential to bring huge returns to the business unit. Basically, we are already seeing potential coming since starting the change project.

Course: HPM
Name: Mark Lockwood

Over all the content of the course was good and putting the process into practice was very rewarding . The interaction with other students form different businesses was enlightening . I got a lot of value out of the course but it especially helped in making a success of my change project . A lot of the methodology was put into place during the change project.