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Course: LMR
Name: Brett Dunsire

The most enjoyable aspects about the course were the interactions between the course attendees, to be able to pick the brains of managers in other industries. I was able to free many hours per week to concentrate on production planning and analysis and mentoring for my team leaders. I achieved many goals including -Embracing above the line thinking -Using the slight edge -Using a daily important imperative list. -Production total spreadsheets for detailed analysis and budgeting.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Haylee Morris

I never new I had HPA’S before this cause and now I make sure at least half of my day is spent on them and I actually find that with more planning and getting the paper work done on time I’m less stressed and achieving more in the day than I was before. I like setting goals and putting in the action steps so you can see the break down and even the seemingly insurmountable of goals becomes a few steps to get the result needed, so long as it’s a smart goal it can be reached. I love all the tools, the feed back log and important and imperative and the meeting planner and many more they are a great help, they have been slightly adapted to my environment but still great tools.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Matthew Carter

I found it has given me a positive direction in my future career path. I feel I am better equipped as a manager that I now can pursue a different path in my working life. I am setting some serious work and life goals in 2014.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Stephen Mutters

This LMA course was great, Really got benefits from learning to say no, this has help me concentrate more on my roles and the roles of my team. Also setting team goals not only did this lifted morale of my team but also but made the a lot more efficient in there roles. I would recommended this course to all team leaders and managers as it is not just for an office environment, It can be used around all aspects of work and your home life. Thank LMA