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Course: SSTLS
Name: Willie Tangira

From doing this course it has given me a more defined perspective and confidence on my role and responsibilities as supervisor for my team. I have taken on board and applied the tools/ideas described in the modules. The Power of Written Goals is one I have found to be most helpful when setting and planning goals. To see the goal written down you visualise performing the action steps to achieve it. Visualizing seeing yourself/team achieving the goals set gives you the motivation to want to do it. This is how I achieved my personal goal of painting my house and roof as well as modifying my fence. This has been a ongoing project for the last 5 years that never got started I achieved all in 3 weeks…stoked as. Even though I found doing the assignments a bit of a overload for the grey matter at times I will miss doing them. The sense of achievement when I completed each one was great. Thank you Tracy Monk (Facilitator), Shane Coleman(Mentor), Fitzroy Engineering & LMA for increasing my confidence, skills and knowledge in the workplace and my own personal life.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Peta Fitzsimons

Setting win win goals personal goals and business goal. How important the HPAs are and the KPI for the team and myself. Learning how to delegate work, what is our time worth to both ourselves and the company being FEGL and STOS. Gaining good feedback from team members and giving good feedback myself. A lot of goals I have accomplish and are still working on some both personal and business and have got team members to do the same.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Mike Low

I am way over goals.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Jeff Porter

Most of the coarse was enjoyable because it related to areas that had information on how to deal with every day issues that come up. Performance through better time utilization was one that I enjoyed immensely because that was something that I did most of the time so by doing this module I was able to tweak a few areas to get better results. Some results came via feedback because the other team members understood where I was coming from. I have learn t not to jump in when someone is talking to me and have seen the results from allowing the other person to finish. By telling people of my hearing problem this has given them an understanding that I don’t ignore them on purpose so they now have become helpful by either speaking directly to me or talking in a clear firm voice. I enjoy the idea of giving the team hand out cards that allows to give feedback on myself and the team.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Antoni Leatherby

Accomplished win/win goals for current project. Like the focus goals, easy to achieve in a short time and useful for accomplishing tasks that would normally be put off until ” You get around to it.” Use of imperative / important feedback log cards has been paramount in the more timely completion of tasks and in the time saved in discussion of problems raised. Had a humorous session with the team after the colours workshop when each member identified & discussed what colour they had chosen / identified with & why. ( Good team building exercise ) Time utilisation workshop was useful and somewhat an awakening as to where our time really goes during a work day and was helpful when allocating tasks to allow HPAs to be achieved. Great to identify the stages that a team encounters, Merging, Adapting, Performing. And the need to monitor the progress to identify if the team slips back when introducing a new member etc.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Tony Johnson

Very good course, gives a good understanding of a Managers role and how He/she should start thinking in regard to running a goal focussed team.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Shane Pompey

I have become more confident as a leader and have started to like being a leader. my team have become happy in their work and are very efficient in what they do my efficiency as a leader has become closer to where I am happy and I am confident that I will be at a level that I am satisfied with in the near future

Course: TPE
Name: Gavin Midgley

The course content helped me to integrate a new staff member into our team by defining a job description and establishing daily tasks. Most of my low payoff activities became his high payoff activities. I set up a cataloguing system for our company equipment. I established a meeting format to document communication between myself and team members in regard to settling on a mutually agreeable programme.