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Course: SSTLS
Name: Shane O’Connor

Facilitating a experiential learning environment to allow us to develop our own understanding throughout the course.

Course: TPE
Name: Craig Robinson

2 things I think I will take away the most 1)The power of goal setting and its importance in the workplace. These are your goals and as such you will do everything in your power to achieve them as you believe in them 2) Time management- By controlling interruptions it is amazing what you can achieve. Basically allocating time to ensure you are focusing on all your HPA’s means your achieving towards your potential and this flow on effect on the team with the ‘maintaining an “above the line attitude’ For me personally this course has reinvigorated my desire to manage. In my eyes I have always had a great team but had let my workload/stresses effect my desire to challenge them

Course: TPE
Name: David Peake

The course was thought provoking. The course made me re-evaluate how I approach my work and personal life. The facilitator was excellent. I have been able to easily apply some of the course content to my work and personal life.

Course: TPE
Name: Natalie Dunstan

I got paid for extra work I did. The total person concept gave me the understanding that we need a balance in life. We may not be successful at everything but we can challenge ourselves to try. I am more positive, better organised and now love life.

Course: TPE
Name: Anh Nguyen

The total person concept was quite revealing. The win win goals and achieving them have made me feel competent with my job.

Course: TPE
Name: Albert Wong

The sessions are truly enjoyable. Coreen has a sway to get everyone to warm up and be engaged in her class. The course material is really practical. And in the hands of a good facilitator, she has a clear understanding of the progress of everyone in the class, and able to pace the course material according to each individual, enabling me to get the best out of the course.