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Course: LMR
Name: Sharon Vidler

Throughout the past few months I have gained confidence, implemented changes, improved procedures and encourage others. I identify the most efficient use of my time by prioritising my work and setting time lines. I achieved my Win Win Goals, my biggest achievement was Uploading the Emergency Procedures Manuals onto either an IPhone or Android Phone this was something I did not think I could do, but by accessing the knowledge of the people around me I achieved this goal which has been both encouraging and rewarding. I have implemented changes that have improved communication and productivity, saving time and money to the organisation. Our weekly workshops encouraged team work, set focus goals, created new ideas, shared success and achievements, we worked together, encouraging each other as we listened and participated in group discussions it has been a very rewarding experience.

Course: TPE
Name: Raj Garcha

LMA has helped me understand my role in the organisation more, I have learnt a lot from the readings that have been provided, I have learnt many things from how to delegate, what my time is worth and also I have learnt to understand other people I work with and how they work. Overall it has provided me with the capability to organise my day, utilise resources and showcase my skills and knowledge in our organisation.

Course: TPE
Name: Meredith Delang

The best aspect of the course was our workshops. I gained a lot of ideas from my class mates. Rod’s positive attitude, encouraged a lot of open discussion. Having a mentor, coach and facilitator throughout the course did help to keep me on track and achieve my goals. Previously at work I was following procedures and not setting goals. This course has provided me with the information, back up and encouragement to now continue to set and achieve my goals. My imperative and important lists are keeping me on track. I have achieved 4 business goals and 3 personal goals – Business goals 1 Complete the weekend security report and return to Centre Management without any blanks or errors. 2. Prepare a list of process and systems to my Manager. 3 Complete a data register providing information of Stores opening, closing and relocating at Park Beach Plaza 4 Complete a data resister recording our increased product knowledge of items sol in stores at Park Beach Plaza. Personal goals 1 Purchase a second hand car for my son 2 Compile all of taxation receipts and relevant paperwork for my accountant 3 Guide and supervise my daughter to complete her first tax return.