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Course: HPM
Name: Daniel O’Hara

The enjoyable aspect was the activities in the workshops. The involvement by all Students participating in class was excellent. My win Win Goals were achieved and I will continue to work with future Goals. My personal and business focuses goals were excellent in managing to do things I have been putting off.

Course: HPM
Name: Andrew Besnard

I was a little questionable about the course at first, but by the second module I was quickly learning how the style of managing people has changed even within the last ten years from when I was Managing a workshop. The course has helped develop my approach and delivery to all day to day activity within the workplace and even in my personal life. The simple task of setting weekly focus goals both personal and business have been a great help, I even have my wife and three boys setting weekly goals that so far are showing us results and this also helps in bonding us closer together as a family. I enjoyed the classes, open discussion within the group and learnt valuable lessons from all the students who attended. Overall I now have two books with 16 important modules that will be a used as my work bible for the rest of my working days.