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Course: COL
Name: Garry Powter

discussions with in the group learning how other companies do business, how they interact with there employees my ability to delegate some of my small tasks , the ability to say no , or I will finish what I’m doing then I will help Prioritising work, setting of goals. improving of my communication skills , and listening skills made good changes to our work flows , increased the teams ability to make changes in our work environment

Course: COL
Name: Keith Wilson

The most enjoyable aspects of the course was the interaction with other participants during the monthly workshop’s and the sharing of experiences and information. Paul Johnson (Course Coach) also made the workshops very enjoyable and refreshing by sharing his life experiences relative to the topics of LMA. The learnings of LMA allowed me to refocus my priorities from the day to day to identifying my HPA’s and then educating / training team members and delegating my LPA’s. Refocusing my time and priorities on HPA’s enable me to significantly improve business processes and practices that achieved the following results. 1) Improvement in outbound efficiencies from 12 mins / line to 8 mins / line. ( Approx. $ 470k / year) 2) Improved despatch accuracy from 98.94 % (Av 204 discrepancies / month to 99.5 % (41 / month) I have been able to accomplish significant configuration changes to the Warehouse Management system and warehouse layout which has supported the efficient and effective operations of Milperra NDC.

Course: COL
Name: Torlogh (Terry) O’Loghlen

Paul makes the learning environment challenging, yet exciting. I always felt empowered every time I left his session. Being a person that would often set goals, but then move on to seemingly more important goals. Found the goal setting and action step process the most helpful. It saw me finishing every goal I set, in a timely and very efficient manner. Every goal I set paid noticeable dividends in one way or another.

Course: COL
Name: Owen de Jonge

I initially thought the course would be difficult to allow time for. However after the 3rd workshop I made an effort to try and got a great deal of enjoyment out of it. I think that HPA’s will be the biggest thing for me to take away from this course. Setting these in line with my position description has set me up for a more streamlined work environment and I a less stressful one.