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Course: COL
Name: Sichandy Phuy

I am very glad to understand and aware of all good concepts learned from LMA

Course: COL
Name: Debbie Walsh

Each module taught me something. Like:- Documenting and completing time analysis sheets to identify HPA’s and low payoff activities which helped me achieve changing my seating position within the firm. Leading change and Innovation where I investigated, documented and presented a proposal to the 1 company directors to get them to consider a 3 phase change implementation regarding the firms telephone system, front of house set up and filling the Reception/Administration Assistant role, as this role remains unfilled since February 2012. The outcome was that I was successful in getting approximately 50% of it across the line which was a big win To:- Implementing better communication lines by setting up weekly informal 1:1 catch ups with all Management, Core Sales Group and the CEO. Along the way I have also fine-tuned and strengthened my delegation skills, re found my voice, re learnt how to say ‘no’ and to push back and ask ‘why’. Looking forward, I feel I have much more defined focus, strength and determination to achieve any goal I may set myself, both in the workplace and at home and I have LMA to thank for that. What I’ve learnt taught and allowed me to gain skills and tools I’d either not previously had or just simply forgotten how to do.

Course: HPM
Name: Nicholas Gray

LMA’s High Performance Management course has been enjoyable and useful for my professional development. The content has been relevant to building a good team environment through collaboration, delegation and respect. The focus on positive methods and outcomes is really key to creating a productive workplace. The course was well facilitated by John Menz and the interaction with professionals from other industries facing similar challenges was welcome and enjoyable.