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Course: LMR
Name: Qing Lu

I have enjoyed the course material very much, it always give me lots of inspiration of how I can improve my working efficiency by using different tools introduced by LMA. I am able to achieve my daily imperative tasks 100% and able to save my time around 3 hours per week by delegating my tasks and by making more effective use of my time. I have achieved my goals improving my time management skills, communication skills, revising A/R procedure and also personal goals of drafting a plan of purchasing my house. Other achievements including improved understanding of staff needs and developed a detailed training plan for one staff which will greatly have the staff upgrade her skill and also motivate staff for higher performance.

Course: LMR
Name: Daniel Ndungu

Time Management Art of delegation Handling and preventing problems with people Motivating people to produce 1. Improved time management 2. Improved overall communication between the different roles/departments 3. Improved Team time management skills 4. New training centre established in Broadmeadows 5. Shed off some weight 6. Increased revenue

Course: LMR
Name: Ester Poblacion

Attending and participating on this LMA course moulded my self confidence and build up my authority as a leader. Motivated me to continue my passion to be an improve and trusted leader in working efficiently and effectively in leadership role where there is a need for a gradual change of organizational culture that needed change as one of my goals. LMA course have improved my time management and eliminate communication gaps (may not all be but we are continually working ) throughout the team by conducting to them appropriate training and information and as well as applying the leadership and authoritative way of leading my team which I have learned from this course. Another important aspect on this course was the use of tool management such as feedback log, time analysis, use of technology to improve communication system and delegation chart. These tools have improved our time management time efficiency through time analysis and identifying High Pay off activities. I am now ready to continue to take more challenges in my career confidently looking forward in achieving right knowledge, skills and attitude as a leader. Thank you LMA and to your wonderful and passionate coaches and facilitator!