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Course: COL
Name: Stephen Layton

I found the course to be very rewarding, I particularly enjoyed the class contact sessions. Having a forum where we could discuss or listen the problems or successes of other members of the group and peoples advice on these issues was particularly beneficial. Having the course structured so that activities involved making changes to the way I or my team work or to systems in my workplace made the course content more meaningful and had an instant impact on our team. I went into the course thinking I was a pretty good manager, I soon found that there were a number of things I needed to change for my and my teams benefit. There were also a number of areas where the course reinforced that we were doing things the right way. I achieved a number of workplace goals and also some major personal goals.

Course: COL
Name: Geoffrey Alan Langridge

Although I find it difficult to define individual gains and to put a dollar value on the outcomes of the course, I feel that I learned a lot and improved my skills in almost all areas of leadership. As a well educated professional I did begin this course with some scepticism as to how valuable it would be. That was quickly put to bed though, as my course facilitator made several points very early in the course that won me over. I have found the course invaluable and would recommend it to anyone interested in improving their leadership skills.

Course: COL
Name: Jodie Downes

Most enjoyable: getting the vision to leave the job I was in which made me miserable. Most measurable result was having the confidence to take on a new business and believe in myself that I can do it. This course really has change my life both personally and professionally. I did hear it could do that but really didn’t think it would happen for me. So glad I was told to do the course. It really has changed my life for the better.