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Course: TPE
Name: Luke McKenzie

Really it was the basic things such as reviewing my PD which helped identify what my role ‘actually’ is and where my priorities should/need to be. This lead into setting my HPA’s /& in conjunction ‘Pareto Principle’ 80/20 rule, began focusing more time/energy into those areas. Setting weekly focus goals is a real winner, amazing the basic accountability that comes with writing these down. Imperative/important list (keep them short and sweet) and taking a more direct approach to getting task completed (e.g.. 3 D’s). Also realizing that pre-conditioning can affect attitude and impact on ability to succeed > need to be above the line in order to achieve the desired outcomes. The course also got me thinking more about the importance of achieving a better work/life balance and incorporating some of the philosophy learnt into everyday life as well in order to achieve better quality and satisfaction overall