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Course: COL
Name: Karen Shaw

Most enjoyable parts of course: I enjoyed the interaction with fellow students & our group discussions. You gain valuable insight & new ideas from sharing information amongst each other. I found the tools invaluable. Goals accomplished: Personal all achieve (racing and exercise). On work front I have good meetings with my team and LMA has inspired me to find more creative ways in meetings to get staff input and ideas. Delegation side is still a work in progress. I have made some inroads through the team performance appraisal process. I have some more functions to delegate. Making time at work, to do LMA work was a difficult feat. I did manage to use some time but not often enough. Other Achievements:

Course: TPE
Name: Hamish Nairn

I most enjoyed the group discussions, particularly hearing about issues others faced and their ideas. My measureable results are going to be long-term, where I can turn my frustrations into opportunity’s. The main achievement is that I feel I have direction and I am excited about how I can use the material within our organisation and to grow as an individual/team.