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Course: TPE
Name: Michael Dyson

The course forced me to take the time to look at the “big picture” and step back from the day to day requirements of my role. By assessing my role and in particular identifying my HPA’s, I have been able to clearly establish those tasks that need to be delegated to allow me to focus on the aspects of my role that are critical to both the business and myself. The impact of the changes made will take effect over the future months but already we are beginning to see some benefits. This long term exercise will bring about significant time savings and enable me to focus on the key tasks I need to undertake. In addition to the above, I have undertaken an exercise relating to the promotion of a more pro-active sales force within the business. This task has been both fulfilling and challenging and we have established an initial plan with a number of key steps to create and develop our sales team from a reactive, account management style to a more vibrant and pro-active team.

Course: TSE
Name: Matthew Eden

The classes were the most enjoyable for me, the learning forum LMA provides is exciting, challenging, friendly and encouraging. I was able to identify areas of my time that needed work, mainly prioritising and time management. Through the course I have been able to make, and continue to make improvements in these areas. I was never a “goal setter”, so for me starting to use goals and set goal is an accomplishment in itself, something I wouldn’t have done before. My road is still long, but I now better understand the action steps I need along the way.

Course: TSE
Name: Tran Thai

I am more positive and more professional at work, and have found that smart goal setting allows me to get more out of my life, I have mange to get fitter and faster outside of work in all of my pursuits. And within work, I am more proactive and have a stronger be of service attitude when it comes to my customers. I am more aware of the features and benefits of the products I am selling. And the importance of partnering up with customers to provide them with a total solution, not just a product.