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Course: TPE
Name: Tim Shanahan

Overall, I have been able to derive a good level of benefit from completing the course. During the initial stages I struggled with seeing demonstrable benefits as most of the course subject matter I already had a grasp of. I also didn’t feel I had a deep level of understanding or change, more so subtle influences and alterations. But by the end of the course I feel I can definitely see benefits and have utilised course learnings into my behaviours and working life. In reality the course came together for me at the end. I feel a large part of this was due to the meeting I had with the Course coordinator and my mentor. They put things into perspective, provided examples where they saw change and benefits from me doing the course. This justifies the structure and eventuates the need to choose your manager/mentor carefully.

Course: TPE
Name: Shaun Morgan

The course has demonstrated how unorganised I was in my work and personal life. My approach was very tunnel vision and short term. Having time to think about and set short and long term goals provides greater clarity of direction and steps required to achieve outcomes. Writing goals down also assists in demonstrating achievement and success. There are many strategies available throughout the course to target where people can improve on time management, goal setting, delegation, communication and empowerment. Not all of these strategies all tools will be successful for all people but there are enough tools available to find which ones work for you.