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Course: HPM
Name: Patrick Arulsingham

Course provided an excellent networking opportunity to meet people from other OAG divisions. I also enjoyed the change project

Course: HPM
Name: Maria Ahmed

enjoyable aspect: 1) getting to know and work with staff in other divisions, now I better understand the whole picture of OAG. 2) challenge to balance LMA with work and life continuing as business as usual measurable results: win win agreement goal of revising templates for weekly status, MMR reporting and budget, communication and timeline planner resulted in the CISD team saving of more than 10k pa goals accomplished: change project on Topic Information Control system approved as strategic initiative so it could be turned from idea into reality win win agreement goals helped streamline and save time and effort for some aspects of our audit. other achievement: completing each workshop and its assignments seemed an ongoing achievement. Also, discussions with the manager mentor helped clarify that audits are important but identifying and working on HPAs (like process improvement) is also a priority and considered as positive contribution 9not waste of time) by the higher management

Course: HPM
Name: Nadia Donatelli

I have been able to use specific tools within the course content. I am more focussed on setting realistic tangible goals with defined outcomes, both professionally and personally. My thinking and ‘self talk’ is more positive as a result of this course – it made me really evaluate myself.

Course: HPM
Name: Dr Sheri Hudson

I expect I achieved some increased efficiencies at work, though because we already had a process dedicated to setting milestones and measure our success by their achievement, it is difficult to say I have improved on that process. In my personal life I have achieved a number of goals, big goals, I did not think possible at the beginning of the course. I let go of the “I can’t because..” s and just did it. I took my boys home to the States for Christmas, I lost 15 lbs or more. I’m trying to decide what I should set my sights on next :). Thank you.