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Course: TPE
Name: Susan Ayre

Coming into the LMA course I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t expect that I would learn quite as much as I did. I found the course structure excellent, as it allowed for implementation of each module into the work place, at a steady pace. Rather than sitting in a conference room for two days, and leaving feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of how to progress, LMA offered easy step by step goal/task planning and assisted with strategies for implementation. This step by step implementation meant that you could make necessary changes as quickly or as slowly as your team needed. A brilliant course, with excellent results. It reinforces the basics which all team leaders and managers should know, but sometimes neglect. Get re-focused, do a LMA leadership course. Your team members will thank you for it!

Course: TPE
Name: Malcolm Young

The course gave me some insight in to some of my work practices and has given me better ways of improving some of them as well as providing me with some ways of empowering my staff to improve both theirs and my efficiency. It was great meeting people from other organisations and sectors etc