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Course: COL
Name: Allan Linsley

my project was a challenge and got side tracked several times, finding out there was more involved then what I had planned. but overall its was back on track and was a good saving to the company and helping operators get more training in a identifying issues with oil leaks, who to report to , when , where. the course was run by a very good facilitator in Robert Scrymgour. he brought out the best in everybody about learning all the time on the job, building trust in your team and working together for the same results.

Course: COL
Name: Benjamin Perrot

Good to plan project and follow it through to finish, less down time, more production. Had additional welder delivered to plant, Had a team member trained in a different area. Had fence built at home.

Course: COL
Name: David Williams

It was a good learning environment to work in the small class made sure that we all had a chance to have our say during the sessions. This was the first adult education I have done and I felt quite at ease during the course. I was told it wasn’t a tick and flick course and it wasn’t. My communication skills improved and will continue to I delegate a lot more tasks to the team now and fell comfortable in doing so also I also manage my time better using outlook and email to my advantage

Course: COL
Name: Tony Stankovski

The most enjoyable part of the course was the challenging nature of it. It made us take a look at ourselves and they way we currently do things. From a results perspective my major project even took me by surprise. Often the simple things will give you the most bang for your buck. you don’t need to recreate the wheel, just fine tune it.

Course: COL
Name: John Montgomery

learnt very quickly an was able to put into place my time allocation and reap the my project helped me identify the deficiencies amongst my team and gave me a blueprint for how to change this situation

Course: COL
Name: Junius Paras

The presentation of the course module. More group interaction and shared learnings But the course help me be more goal focus

Course: HPM
Name: Sudipto Chakrabarti

Improved team work environment SMART Goal setting: Focus & Win-Win Goals Engagement approach with team members & customers Corrective Actions (Action Register) Completion: target reached & sustained Corrective Actions (IRMS) Completion: target sustained Mill 8 Downtime reduction (Quarterly): On target

Course: HPM
Name: Shaun Ingall

The enjoyable aspects associated with the course was the workplace discussions that developed in the workshops. These were real life scenarios that were able to trialled or tweaked a little to work in your own workplace. The other area was the various strategies i.e. HPA’s, delegation, feedback, listening etc. that allows yourself and team members to work with a lot more efficiency and produce a work environment that evokes trust, capability, initiative and enjoyment.

Course: HPM
Name: Song Duan

The most enjoyable parts about the course are the workshop discussions. I learned a lot from the comments/opinions of fellow course participants. Noticeable changes in me: — more strategic — scan the horizon/environment and planning ahead — more efficient — more focus on outcomes, not trying to make everything perfect — engaging team more to achieve SQET objectives together –communication/feedback