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Course: LMR
Name: Phil Payne

Participating in this course has greatly improved my managerial capabilities, huge increase in self confidence, much better planning strategies, time management and people skills. In short really enjoyed and benefited from taking part in this very educational course.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Don Hool

During the course I gained a load more knowledge in regards to my role as a supervisor.. Great facilitator and peers :) Some of the measurable results I achieved were making the team closer by starting a rotational roster for the blend rooms, therefore encouraging team members to work with others that they didn’t normally work with and also doing jobs they were not so familiar with.. I have become a much better hands on supervisor through delegation of less important tasks and working out what my high payoffs are. I am now much more focused on my high payoffs and find I have much more time to liaise with my team to ensure everything is on track as it should be.. I set a few goals (business as described above) and a few personal ones also, including getting more active in my spare time, joining coastguard, and managing to feel a lot more settled in life and utilize my time a lot more efficiently