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Course: TPE
Name: Amie Clough

Building and gaining confidence in general leadership Planning goals and breaking them down to manageable task and setting time frames around then. Setting weekly focus goals are great and make you more accountable write goals down where you can see them and work on the continually Gaining confidence in public speaking Improving listening skills with team members

Course: TPE
Name: Stephen Barnett

I enjoyed the regular interaction of the attendees and the facilitators. I am able to see the quotation process being used correctly and that the team members are keen to keep each other informed of their successes and losses. The % of my branches EXTG orders has increased. I am changing a lot of things that add to the total person concept in all aspects of my life

Course: TPE
Name: Steve Boyles

Having started this course so early into my new position gave its extra challenges. but all the lessons have been great well taught and lots of fun.

Course: TPE
Name: Morgan Hunt

Opens your eyes and mind to different ways of achieving results and thought processes around that. Really makes you look at the value of your time and how you are using that time on a daily basis Really helped me to at and value the time I spend with my family The course has helped me grow more confidence in myself and really identified areas that I need to work on

Course: TPE
Name: Kevin Beck

Meeting others on the course. Bringing to the surface stuff you know but haven’t put into logical order or focus, stopping and thinking about your own wheel of life balance. Relearning how powerful and important planning and goal setting is. Bringing to the forefront of your mind about either doing it dumping it or delegating it and questioning in your own mind if a task is actually imperative/ important or it’s not really necessary at all. Also the power of positivity. Measurable results were how much could be achieved just through delegation. I achieved all bar one of my short term win win goals. Losing weight is hard so didn’t achieve by my target date but still working on it.

Course: TPE
Name: Siegfried Herbst

I am a lot more in control of my working day and get more job Satisfaction. I am grateful for all the tools that we have been given to improve our Time Management, improve our communications skills, focus on our HPA’s and overall given me a lot of confidence and motivation for my job and life overall. Good on you LMA Team, well done.

Course: TPE
Name: Jacqui Derbyshire

Managed to get the catalogue done to reach current targets learned how to ride a bicycle have spent more time with the kids and planned a holiday researched and learned about compliance – very important to further growth of our business better communication better time management