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The importance of your team

What are your company’s plans for 2014? What do you want to achieve in your organisation during the coming year?

What impact will it make on your plans if your key people perform at a higher level in 2014?

What impact will it make on your plans if your key people DO NOT perform at a higher level?

Consider the impact of not servicing your car and its engine at regular intervals:

You will get away without a service on the scheduled date. It will probably continue to run. If you continue to delay the servicing, things will gradually start to suffer – your brakes will become less effective, emissions will increase, fuel efficiency will reduce. Eventually, your car may not run at all!

Same with people – you can get away without developing them. They will probably still come to work. If you continue to avoid their development, things will gradually start to suffer – mistakes will happen, communications will decrease, productivity will reduce. Eventually, your people may not perform at all. Hey, they may even stop performing, become stressed, disruptive, they may leave, or all of these things together!

People are the engine of your business. People drive your business. To ensure your people perform to their full capacity and to prevent “break-downs” – we need to “service” this powerful engine. Otherwise it underperforms.

Developing your people ensures that they and your business thrives and performs at a high level. People development is about identifying the potential in your people, working with them to develop that potential, and then harnessing its power.

Imagine what impact a highly serviced engine would make on your journey in 2014!