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Walking the Talk

All managers can and should model the attitudes, behaviours and performance levels that they want their people to emulate and achieve. In other words to become truly inspirational leaders they must set the standards and ‘walk the talk.’

Early in 2016 the management team at Leadership Management Australia (LMA) and the sister company Think Perform made the commitment to participate in The Performance Edge course as a team. Given that most of the participants had previously completed one or more LMA courses , the facilitation approach was tailored to the participants’ needs and varied considerably from the typical course.

The program focused heavily on personal organisation, time management, interaction, collaboration and teamwork within and across departments and the management team as a whole.

A strong emphasis on goal-setting and progressive realisation resulted in some excellent outcomes and a much more cohesive group. On Monday 30 May, the team graduated from The Performance Edge and celebrated their results to date, which included the achievement of a number of win-win goals, along with improvements in productivity, communication, and team performance.