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LMA – Viglianti Group

“Excellence in leadership and management through personal and professional transformation – this is the essence of the unique LMA process.”

Leadership Management Australia – Viglianti Group was formed when Renato and Nadia Viglianti acquired LMA – Anderson Group in April 2015.

The LMA Anderson Group was established by Peter and Michelle Anderson in 1996 and in the course of the last twenty years has developed a strong track record in helping individuals achieve their potential and their organisations increase their productivity. LMA Anderson was recognised nationally and internationally for achievements in assisting industries, businesses and leaders develop the potential of their people and achieve long-term measurable benefits.

Like its predecessor, LMA – Viglianti Group is a strong and passionate team providing leadership, management, productivity, performance and sales skills development programs throughout Victoria across a wide range of industry sectors. Long-term clients include Boeing, Cadbury, The Laminex Group, Momentum Energy, Caesarstone and PACCAR – Kenworth Trucks.

The team at LMA Viglianti Group is headed up by Renato Viglianti who, as a former Director in a major Government entity dealing with firms in major transport and infrastructure industries, is uniquely placed to espouse the benefits of sound leadership and management practices. Renato is partnered in his LMA business by wife Nadia, a life-long student and teacher of personal development and transformation through meditative/contemplative practices.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, Leadership Management Australasia’s (LMA) courses have already enhanced the leadership, management, performance, productivity and sales skills of over 120,000 people from thousands of organisations.

The LMA experience does not just encompass teaching new leadership concepts and tools – it produces measureable results in developing people through a unique transformational process.

At the forefront of training and development in Australasia since the 1970s, the unique LMA process focuses on the individual and his/her “on-the-job” needs, supporting workplace and personal life application that can deliver permanent and transformational behavioural change, impacting people’s lives both personally and professionally.

LMA – Viglianti Group has grown to comprise a small team of dedicated and accomplished people development professionals; as a team they have coached over 1,800 course participants and facilitated LMA courses for nearly 900 participants.

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Renato Viglianti – LicenseeNadia Viglianti – LicenseeMichelle Anderson– Course CoachPeter Anderson – Course CoachJo Rawson – Course Coach/Client Partner
Renato has vast experience in dealing with the challenges of leading and managing people during his professional career and as such, is uniquely placed to understand the risks to individuals and their organizations of neglecting people development.

Renato has a personal passionate interest in people development and appreciates the significant benefits that profoundly impactful programs, such as the LMA process, can have personally and organizationally. He has witnessed first-hand the impact on personal development and organizational productivity of new transformational attitudes to job performance and leadership and management capabilities.

Renato is a passionate advocate of the unique LMA process that enhances personal potential and delivers measurable improvements in performance levels.

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Nadia’s life-long interest in the benefits of meditative practices on the human potential for positive change and a strong ability to understand and empathize with individuals, makes her a unique companion to people’s growth and development paths.

Nadia is an excellent communicator and listener with the ability to support people with their own learning and development.

Michelle is a training and development professional who has been assisting people realise their potential in the workplace and in their personal lives since joining Leadership Management Australia in 1996.

Michelle is a driven and accomplished Course Coach and assists all participant in their journey towards professional and personal development.

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Peter has been recognised nationally and internationally for his achievements in assisting industries, businesses and leaders to develop the potential of their people and achieve long-term measurable benefits through developing more of their potential.

He has been the recipient of the Leadership Management International World Licensee Award in 2006, 2007 and 2013.

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Jo has worked with national and international businesses/organisations to facilitate learning, growth, effective team building and incorporating ethical business values, life-long learning, and facilitation with work/life balance practices designed for 21st century sustainability.

Jo’s client focused approach is creative, interactive and impactful, supporting optimal and effective individual, team and organisational development.

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