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Productivity 101: Communication

Effective communication can be a powerful tool for improving productivity. Good communication practices cut down on wasted time, empower employees and improve workplace culture. Let’s have a quick look at how improving communication can have a positive effect on workplace productivity.

Give your staff what they need to succeed

When laying out a project, ensure your people have all the information they need right from the beginning by providing a detailed project brief or plan. It will help to avoid misunderstandings, ensure everyone knows who is responsible for what and set your team up for success.

Remember that information that may seem obvious or extraneous to you, may not be available to your team and could be invaluable. Don’t assume that everyone has the same view of the project that you do.

Provide a clear view of the business

Employees feel more empowered and are more likely to take ownership of their work when they feel involved in the entire business process. Regular executive level updates, communication across departments and involvement with and understanding of the overall business direction will all help your employees to feel more involved in the business. Regularly providing a clear view of the overall business direction and the employees’ place in it means that your people will be more likely to understand the value of their work in the larger context of the business.

Listen to your team

Communication isn’t just talking; it’s also listening. Communicating with your team means listening to them, which will help you identify what issues they have that might be affecting their productivity.

Don’t forget that your employees are people. Good communication will foster better relationships between management and employees and will bolster team morale and develop company culture.