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Leadership & Management Courses Perth

With over forty years of providing Australasia with incredible results through people, Leadership Management Australia (LMA) has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of leadership training.

Perth organisations will know that we specialise in taking good people and making them truly great, developing their potential and increasing productivity across the board for team members and companies alike.

LMA courses have already enhanced the leadership skills, performance, productivity and sales skills of over 120,000 people from thousands of organisations across Australia.

As a recognised leader of training and development in Australia, the unique LMA process delivers permanent behavioural change, impacting people’s lives both personally and professionally.

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Our Courses


LMA’s Leadership Courses Perth are practical and engaging, aimed at boosting your bottom line and improving your people, whatever your specific needs. Improve time management, boost sales, maximise your productivity, resolve lingering issues and craft followers into potential leaders: our courses produce powerful results that have helped shape the future of entire organisations.

Our courses are run across a number of locations, at times that suit you and your people. Our Perth leadership training courses aim to develop people through practical learning that can be easily applied in a real life work setting, as opposed to dry lectures. Whether you’re looking for sales courses, time management courses or leadership training, Perth organisations know they can trust LMA to deliver outstanding results.

Full Length Courses


leadership training perth

The Performance Edge
Improving personal and team productivity and bottom line results

Success Strategies For Team Leaders & Supervisors

Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors
Helping first level leaders transition and developing leadership skills and habits

leadership courses perth

The Sales Edge
Increasing sales and market share.

High Performance Management

High Performance Management
Developing strategy and the people to make it happen.

Challenge Of Leadership

Challenge Of Leadership
Building organisational growth through leading high performance teams.

Managing For High Performance

Managing For High Performance
Enable your managers to achieve a significant increase in the performance and productivity of the teams or departments they lead.

Short Courses


The Sales Edge

Above The Line Coaching And Mentoring – Short Course
Giving organisations a competitive edge and an effective way to operate within an environment of continuous change.

Course Schedule


CourseDeadlineStart DateGrad DateEnquire
Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors12 Feb 202026 Feb 202015 Jul 2020Enquire Now 
High Performance Management21 Feb 202006 Mar 202030 Oct 2020Enquire Now 
The Performance Edge25 Feb 202010 Mar 202019 May 2020Enquire Now 
Challenge Of Leadership24 Mar 202007 Apr 202015 Dec 2020Enquire Now 
The Performance Edge30 Apr 202014 May 202023 Jul 2020Enquire Now 
Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors12 May 202026 May 202013 Oct 2020Enquire Now 
Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors2 Jul 202016 Jul 202003 Dec 2020Enquire Now 
Challenge Of Leadership15 Jul 202029 Jul 202019 May 2020Enquire Now 
The Performance Edge27 Aug 202010 Sep 202019 Nov 2020Enquire Now 



Fast Start Program

Fast Start Program
This interactive half-day session will help you to invest towards your professional and personal development to kick off 2020 with a clear focus and direction. It uses proven methods and concepts that LMA has applied over the years to support the growth and success of every participant.

Our Process


LMA’s key goals in running courses are tied to four key benefits:

  • Measurable results.
  • Measurable return on investment.
  • Permanent, lasting change.
  • Professional and personal development.

These goals are aimed at developing people first, who will then in turn help their organisations to achieve greater results through our leadership courses. Perth is fast becoming a centre of business, and LMA aims to help companies across the city hit their targets and develop their potential.

Better people equals a better organisation. That’s why LMA focuses on courses that can be taken away and applied to real-life situations, resulting in positive, lasting change.

Find out today how LMA can develop your people’s potential and make changes that truly last. Click through to our course pages to find out more, or head to our contact page to get in touch with LMA today.

LMA Development & Training Graph
LMA Communication Triangle
LMA Communication Triangle

Government Funding


Certain courses may be eligible for a government subsidy, view our government funding page for more information.